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Friday, May 4, 2018

Surprising Findings, Real Needs

I just found this link on the web. Some one made the effort to put this together. I think it is related to someone's interest in matriarchal research.

The main book they featured is my Matrilineal Ideology. The biography they put together is also quite accurate except for the misspelling of my first name with a C rather than with a K.

Given these activities by unknown others, I realize what is needed is a good publishing agent. The question is how does one find one who is trustworthy? Usually, the first thing one sees is requests for money...and often in the thousands.

The Internet strikes me as being something of a Wild West, although there are honest efforts to show some aspects of other people's work. What irritates me, is lack of easily found dates. As well, there is no automatic addition of an author's new works. It is all fragments.