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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gauck speaks for my generation.

The ZDF interview below with President Gauck, Germany, is in German. One thing I must translate. He was asked about the Holocaust. His answer was as follows: "Owing to the murderous deeds of the National Socialists, my generation became thoroughly homeless. We could no longer believe in this culture, partially lost faith in Religion, and could not blieve in this country." It took a long time, so Gauck, to develop a positive relationship to Germany. Speaking as a German, he made clear that this Nazi crime against Jews was unique. I agree. Indeed, in this he spoke for me. And he expresses perfectly the psychology of my generation.,6751,1600000,00.html

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Are Grateful

We are Grateful

Thank you all for your thoughts.

The medical personnel — from personal physician who discovered the cancer and set everything in motion, to the oncologist, anesthetist, radiologists, technicians, nurses, and yes the porter who walked me from McCaig Tower to the operating room on the 7th Floor of the Main building – all did a superb job. All were competent, skilled, and humane.

I was like Alice in Wonderland walking along buildings, pathways, corridors, elevators and stairs. And then new and different doors opened to new, sometimes dark, sometimes ever so bright rooms filled with equipment and medical teams and even humor. So I said to these people who were so much more competent than I, “Remember, you are treating two people – my husband and me. We have a wonderful marriage. – But, ‘F├╝hre uns nicht in Versuchung,’ according to Joseph Ratzinger, ‘Do not put more on us than we can bear.’”

The careful anesthetist bent over one arm, praising veins – the last image.

My thoughts did not let me rest until I did this rather poor sketch from the imagination.

February 23 Biopsy
February 28 Call from physician, it is cancer
March 1, film pick up
March 5, first meeting with oncologist, “rapidly growing cancer”
March 7, various tests in Foothills hospital
March 8, operation – home same day, evening
March 10, first walk Baker Park
The rest follows – full schedule

All I can do is repeat this.

I, indeed Irving and I, are so grateful.