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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Indulgences now as bad as at the Time of Luther: Trudeau and the Liberal Party

The core value of the Liberal Party of Canada is indulgence: selfie-indulgence and self-indulgence. First, as in parts of medieval Europe, the people pay, as we have done recently in the form of increased taxes, for the salvation that comes from gazing upon Prime Minister Trudeau’s selfies and professional photos in places and clothing that underscore his grandeur.

Second, as in most current Western liberal governments, Canadian people’s special interest votes pay for the self-indulgence that frees our government from having to rule beyond those votes that put it into power. Thus the “self-indulgences” that we paid for last election are, as in the time of Luther, not for every citizen of the country, but for the select human rights granted to politically correct minorities at home and abroad. Buying into government self-indulgence, as here defined, is no longer for freedom from the general human suffering from joblessness, illness, misfortune, accidents, free speech, pursuit of knowledge for all the country’s citizens, but for those minorities that manage to make their case for victim status based on sex, sexual predilections, religions, and real or imagined ethnic distinctions, which distinctions we call diversity.

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